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“ Our ideas, like orange-plants, spread out in proportion to the size of the box which imprisons the roots. ”

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30x Lens for smart phone

With the Beautécam magnifying lens, your smartphone will turn into a beauty tool. Also, the lens is very affordable.


What’s Beautécam?

With a smartphone and close up lens that can be magnified up to thirty times, it will turn into a beauty tool.


How to ?

Beautécam is really easy to use and you can check your skin condition with three simple steps.



Social Network Service

The app is connected with FaceBook and twitter, which enables you to search for people who have the same skin type.


Easy Skin Check !

Even if you don’t have a magnifying lens, you can check your skin condition.



‘Beauté Entry’ is the product information entry service for companies in the cosmetics industry all over the world.